Biloxi Marsh Lands Corporation Announces Unaudited Results for the First Quarter of 2021

BLMC Q1 2021 Press Release, Financials, and Reserves

Metairie, La.– June 29, 2021 (BUSINESS WIRE)–Biloxi Marsh Lands Corporation (PINK SHEETS:BLMC) has posted its unaudited results for the first quarter of 2021 on the Company’s website,

In our March 29, 2021 annual letter to shareholders, we reported that due to staffing and other issues related to COVID 19, B&L Exploration, LLC  (“BLX”), in which the Company has a 75% membership interest, and B&L Resources, LLC (“BLR”), in which the Company has a 50% membership interest, delayed the completion of proved reserves studies until mid-year of 2021.  Tables reflecting the volumes of reserves, are now available on our website,

The Company recommends that investors and all interested parties visit its website,, to view historical press releases, historical financial statements, and other relevant information.  All inquiries should be made through the Contact Mailbox on the Company’s website,


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