To increase liquidity in its common stock, Biloxi Marsh Lands Corporation has created an internet bulletin board to match sellers and buyers of the Company’s common stock.  The bulletin board will be identified as BLMC Bulletin Board, abbreviation “BLMCBB”.   The Company will be using BancList as the host site for BLMCBB.  BancList provides a convenient place for both sellers and buyers to post listings.  Once the appropriate disclosure documents are completed by a prospective seller or buyer, ask and bid price proposals can be posted on BLMCBB along with other information to allow a prospective seller/buyer to contact each other, then to close a private transaction; with the Company having no role in negotiations or closing of the transaction. All required disclosure documents will be filled out on BLMCBB site, see below link in green. There will be no transaction costs or fees charged to the seller or buyer.   BancList and the Company have no affiliation and Biloxi Marsh Lands Corporation assumes no liability for the content, information, security, policies, or other content provided by BancList.