Biloxi Marsh Lands Corporation (the “Company”) originated from a landholding group named St. Bernard Syndicate. The Company was founded during the 1930s to acquire and own approximately 90,000 acres of marsh lands in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana. According to the Company’s original Articles of Incorporation, the initial objectives and purposes of the Company were to “buy, sell and deal in swamp lands and other real estate and goods” of “every description necessary or useful for the operation of the corporation.” Additional purposes and objectives were “to hold, own, maintain, work, develop, sell, lease, exchange, hire, convey, mortgage, or otherwise dispose of and deal in, lands and leaseholds and any interest ” in order “to explore for oil and other minerals and to lease land of the corporation ” for such purposes. The final purpose was to “develop” and “grant license” …“any hunting and trapping rights of any kind” …… “to the property of the Corporation.”

The Company’s principal offices are in Metairie, Louisiana and its Marsh Lands are located approximately 35 miles southeast of New Orleans in St. Bernard Parish, LA.